Ministry of Environment and Urban Planning, aims to manage the process of Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals with KKDIK Regulation.
KKDIK; means that registration, evaluation authorization and restriction of chemicals.
If KKDIK Regulation, aims to protect human health and environment at the highest level from the adverse effects of chemicals.

The new law mirrors the EU REACH law and is expected to come into force in the fourth quarter of this year, according to the Ministry of Environment and Urbanisation (MoEU). It is the final stage in Turkey’s efforts to align its chemical regulatory system with that of the EU, following accession negotiations that began in 2005.

The current draft law has an initial registration deadline, for existing substances, of 31 December 2018. This is for substances manufactured or imported in volumes of over one tonne. Registration will be a mandatory requirement as the “no data, no market” rule is incorporated in KKDIK, in the same way as in the EU.

As MoEU verbally declared in the latest stakeholder discussion the registration term is now set as 1.1.2020-31.12.2021. This will be preceded by a pre-registration term expected between 1.6.2017-31.12.2019.

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